Modern Ukraine is now difficult to imagine, free online banking Privat.

One time I tried the service – Privat24, You will love it for years to come!

All because, it is convenient and practical service, meet modern safety requirements.

Know the world of Internet technologies now and come up with cutting-edge bank Privatbank. And teach our site, how to use the system Privat24.

Today we focus on the issue in detail – how to register Privat24?

To, to register with Privat24, not necessarily go to a bank branch. This can be done on the official website of Privatbank (

1. We go to the site Privat, left side, authorization under the window, press “Check In”

2. Fill out the registration form: enter the phone number, Latest 4 card numbers, email, complex password.

3. Password confirm the operation of SMS and PIN-code of your card. Whereupon, can log in.

Consider the second option. Registration in Privat24 through bankomant Privat.

1. We put in an ATM plastic card. Entering the PIN code.

2. In the main menu, select “Banking services”.

3. In the next window, select the item “Internet Bank Privat24”. Next, “Registration in Privat24”.

4. In a new window, registration, specify the number of your mobile.

5. Вводим пароль, who came to you by SMS. Push “Next”. Registration successfully completed. Congratulations! Print check.
In a printed receipt, will be shown your login credentials Privat24.

Video instructions.

Privatbank gives leeway!