Service “Payment parts” and “Instant installment” – this kind of loan. You buy a product, but calculated for it is not immediately, and over time.

Advantages of service:

– Quick and easy registration. Right in the store.
– Convenient repayment. To make payments on the loan can be a terminal or Privat24.
– Profitable terms.
– Large chain stores – partners.

How to use the service?

1. Send SMS to 10060 with text chast, to see the available limit for purchases.
2. Select items in the store, who works with Privatbank, for service "Payment parts" or "Instant Installment". You can find a list of stores here.
3. Give the seller a plastic card Privat.
4. Tell the seller in the store, you want to buy a product for service "Payment parts" or "Instant Installment", just let us know the number of payments.
5. After payment, take your purchases.
6. Every 30 days from the date of purchase, make on the card monthly payment


To learn limit amount for service “Payment parts” and “Instant installment” – send a SMS to the number 10060 with text chast.

This offer is open to owners of plastic cards Privat:

– Card "Universal».
– Card "Universal Gold».
– The owners of elite cards (Platinum, Infinite, World Signia / Elite).


Payment parts
Number of payments – to 25.
Commission per month – 0%

Instant installment
Number of payments – to 25.
Commission per month – 1,9% of the purchase price.

*On derecognition of a regular payment through credit – 4%

Helpful information.
List of online shops, in which the service is provided “Payment parts” and “Instant installment”.


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