6-January, 2015 year, Privatbank opened the sale of dollars in Privat24, to avoid double conversion when paying hryvnia in foreign online stores.

Due to the nature of mutual Ukrainian banks with Visa and MasterCard, To pay for purchases in some foreign online stores in local currency, customers had to pay twice for currency conversion.

Such as the percentage of all stores, nonetheless, we have to protect their customers from these losses, Privat put a ban on transactions with double conversion.

These shops are, for example, Next, Wizzair, Google Adwords, which independently convert currency without the consent of the customer (substantially, this applies to online shopping).

To be able to pay in these stores, customers need to pay a dollar cards. Open dollar card can Privat24 in a few clicks for free.
How to open an online card read here.

Wherein, Privat customers will be able to make a transfer of money from the hryvnia to the dollar cards, at the rate of 100 dollars per day.

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