Unique for Ukraine plastic card Privat MasterCard World, with the new contactless technology PayPass payment.

Since it is easy to travel around the world and pay in store. Thanks to your photo on the card, It does not require documents confirming your identity. With it you can easily find a hotel room or a flight, receive account statements for the Embassy.

The card has all the possible levels of protection under the VIP card level. Embedded chip, Your photo and name on the card, PayPass technology, also help to protect against fraud.

Owning a large package discounts available, which guarantees participation in loyalty programs: Discount Club “PrivatBank VIP”, “Purchase Fireworks”, “Gold Club”, Plus bonus.


The main advantages of:

– Contactless payment, thanks Technologies MasterCard PayPass;

– Purchases undocumented, Thanks to your photos on card;

– Large package of discounts and bonuses: feerverk.pb.ua, vip.pb.ua, bonus.pb.ua;

– A reduced interest rate on loan, in comparison with the card Universal;

– The maximum size of the credit line 40 000 UAH;

The cost of opening a gold card MasterCard World – 100 UAH. The service is free.
Order card can be further, to the main instant card class.

Did you know? If we take part in the action “Purchase Fireworks“, the cost of registration cards will be 0 UAH