In 2014 year, for the first time in Ukraine, largest bank Privatbank for its loyal customers, launched a new service for the production of plastic cards with individual design.

Now, thanks to a new service, anyone can stand out from the crowd and give their credit cards a touch of individuality. Place on the front side of the card to your favorite image, which will emphasize His style. For example, it can be: beautiful landscape, favorite pet or a super powerful car. Of the official site You can choose a ready template or upload your own layout.

Plastic card with its own unique design can be ordered separately, to your main card “Universal“. It will be an additional key to your main map and have the same terms of service, and that the card “Universal”. If you do not have cards “Universal” by Privatbanka, it can easily be opened in the nearest branch of the bank.

Main advantages:

– Interest-free, grace period on the use of loan funds – to 55 days.
– Discounts Online Bonus Plus.
– 1% – cash withdrawals at any bank network in Ukraine
– 2% – Cash withdrawal in foreign banks network
– Free delivery to your home cards.

How much is a card with an individual design?
Order value is small cards, less than 100 UAH! 99 UAH + free shipping! Finally, fun, bright card Privat, разбавят серую массу однотипных пластиковых карт различных банков Украины 🙂