At the beginning of the growing popularity of plastic cards in Ukraine, when the population is still only beginning to develop new products and make the first transaction on plastic cards. In Privat existed card type “Instant”, they can be obtained for 15 minutes, in any branch of the bank and immediately start using. Perhaps it was the only plus data cards.

But advances in technology and the skills of hackers do not stand still. So, replaced “Instantaneous” cards come more secure cards, with an additional chip, and a photograph on your back side. This type of cards and treat Universal Card Privat.

Registered card with photos is very convenient. It not only protects the client, but also facilitates payment. Embedded chip reduces to zero efforts to forge card scams, and photos on the map will not allow the fraudster to make a purchase in the store without your participation.

photo cards

The three main advantages:

– Increased safety. Embedded chip, Your photo and name exists on the map.

– Do not need to prove their identity when paying.

– Relaunch cards, if it was lost.

This card can be issued in addition to the cards: Universal, Universal Gold credit card, social card. Cost of card issuance is small, total 50 UAH (about 6 USD).

Interestingly! At Privatbank there is Trekking, with which you can track the status of the ordered cards.