Credit card GOLD Privat created for successful people. Who want to emphasize their wealth and stand out from the crowd. This plastic card has a unique design. She performed in gold colors and is very similar to gold bullion.

GOLD credit card owners automatically become Premium customers. Serve them without waiting in bank branches, personal manager. They can count on 24 x 7 phone support (0 800 504 707) and e-mail. Also, to make purchases at a discount in shops and restaurants, that participate in the discount club "PrivatBank VIP».

GOLD cards are well protected. Apart from a tape, each equipped with a chip card. On request, as additional protection, credit card can be fitted with photograph of the holder on the back of the card and the full name on the front.


Main advantages:

– High credit limit;

– The low percentage of lending – 2,3%;

– Grace period to use credit money – 55 days;

– 1% for the withdrawal of its own funds in the ATM;

– Personalized service;

– Discounts in shops;

– Luxury plastic card design;

International GOLD card can be opened in your preferred currency: euro, dollar, Hryvnia, Russian Rouble. It can store your own money and use the credit limit. Receive remittances from relatives and partners.

Demo video.

Details of the fees and interest rates on the loan can be found on the official website of PrivatBank.