The name of this plastic card speaks for itself. It combines all the benefits of a debit card, deposit and credit card – three one! Cardholders can conveniently pay in supermarkets terminal, make purchases on the Internet and receive remittances from relatives and friends. For “Universal” cards, no border shopping. In any country, You can easily withdraw cash from an ATM.

On the map “Universal” from Privat client can simultaneously keep their cash and use the credit limit, calculated individually for each client. Interestingly, that the deposit of their money on the map, You will not only keep them safe, but passively earns. On the balance of your money on the map, You get 10% APR.

Credit means you can use for free, within 55 days. This means, that if the date of purchase and to 25 of the following month from perfect payment transaction, You deposit the amount spent, the percentage for the credit will not have to reimburse.


Main advantages:

– Free and fast opening card at any bank;

– No subscription fee for the use of the card;

– Function deposit. Interest on the balance of your money. The money is credited to the bonus account;

– Grace period for credit facilities;

– Recharge your mobile phone without commission;

– No additional currency conversion fee, using cards abroad. Conversion realized the rate of Visa or MasterCard;

– Card can be linked to QIWI-purse;

Demo video from Privat:

Attention! For more information about rates, penyah loan fees and other fees can be found on the official website of Privat, as, conditions of use may be changed.