What Dogecoin? History of electronic currency.

Dogecoin – this is криптовалюта, established in 2013 Billy Markus of IBM and, working for Adobe, Jackson Palmer. The developers set a goal to create an affordable peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, which will reach a wider audience, than pre-existing electronic money.

Creators Dogecoin the popular dog meme was used to create the logo and name of the e-currency, so, despite the great interest in e-currency, few people took her seriously. Despite this, for the first month of its existence the site Dogecoin visited over a million times .

19 December 2013 years there was a sharp increase Dogecoin on 300% for 72 o'clock, and then e-currency soared so high only in 2017 year. In January 2021 of the year Dogecoin has reached 0,08 dollar, and in April its maximum price to date was 0,45 dollar. It was considered a joke for a long time., and only after that, how Elon Musk became interested in her, people began to notice her potential. After the first mention of Dogecoin by Musk, the e-currency rate began to rise.

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Difference between Dogecoin and Bitcoin.

and Bitcoin are distinguished by the availability and simplicity of "mining". Computers find it easier to solve mathematical equations of electronic currency, thanks to which the extraction Dogecoin not so time consuming, like using bitcoins. Method of creation Dogecoin leads to, that the amount of this asset grows as it is created. This makes e-money limitless.. Bitcoin, for comparison, has a fixed amount in 21 million coins.

Dogecoin and Elon Musk.

Dogecoin owes its development to Elon Musk. In 2019 the billionaire replied to tweet, in which he was elected CEO Dogecoin. Since then, Musk has occasionally mentioned e-currency on Twitter., thereby increasing its rate. There is a theory in public opinion, that Elon is very knowledgeable about his influence on the course Dogecoin and manipulates its value from time to time.

Thanks to Dogecoin you will not become a millionaire, but be sure to delve into countless memes with Elon Musk and Dogecoin. This cryptocurrency will appeal to beginners, who don't care about big profits yet.