YouTube channel author stacksmashing was able to modify his Game Boy console this way, that she was able to mine Bitcoin, reported by TweakTown.

Since one of the basic requirements for mining cryptocurrency is a constant connection to the network, the author of the video had to think over, how to connect Game Boy, which lacks this function - for this he used an intermediary device, which was made by the Raspberry Pi Pico microcomputer cost $4, in turn connected to a PC with Internet access.

Game Boy is powered by Sharp 8-bit LR35902 processor, operating at frequency 4,18 MHz. Its mining performance reaches 0,8 X / s. For comparison, the efficiency of modern ASIC miners reaches 100 TH / s. In this way, a 32-year-old game console ended up in 125 trillion times slower in Bitcoin mining operations.

Calculations show, that it will take several quadrillion years to mine one Bitcoin coin. On the other hand, ASIC miners consume a lot of energy, while the Game Boy runs on four AAA batteries.