Sensational mobile application "exposure The" now passed the stage of open beta, becoming available to everyone. At the presentation of mobile application developer main Mstislav Banik announced plans to end 2020 year to enter the 10 Users aktyvnыh million "Action". In Privatbank shared their statistics on the basis of a two-month closed beta: half of 32,5 th. People testers "Dії" - a mobile application users Privat24.

Privat24 The app provides the ability to easily and, as assured bank, security login application "exposure The". The bank noted, that since the date of any of segodnyaschny 10 Privat24 million users will be able to quickly and easily download their digital driver's license and the certificate of registration of the vehicle in the app 'exposure The ". note, Privat24 that serves only one of several supported authentication methods. Given the distribution of forces in the segment of online banking, I daresay, that the second half of the number of testers' Dії "- a users monobank.

At the same time in PrivatBank announced the imminent launch of the "unique" remote access to the keys of the CEP system (Qualified Electronic Signature) «SmartID» for government services online. This is the analogue of the familiar MobileID technology, which the vice-prime minister for the digital transformation of Mikhail Fedorov told at the end of last year.

The solution will eliminate the need for a physical presence for electronic signatures, carry and store private keys on tokens or smart-cards. Also, it should become a universal solution, excluding devices compatibility issue, operating systems, platforms, language development and use of media. At least, this promise give developers.

Following the statistics shared by PrivatBank and monobank. Co-founder of the project, Oleg told Gorokhovsky, that as 06.02.2020 the application has a 170 th. customers and 30% of them - customers monobank.

"Exposure The" - is a mobile application, which in the end it is scheduled to merge all public services online. The first version of the software contains digital copies of driver's license and the certificate of registration of the vehicle. They have the same legal force, like regular paper / plastic documents. Moreover, digital driver's license can be present in a document, identity, on domestic flights and trains.

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