Hello! Looking ahead, We want to say at once, we know, that there is a war against Russia Ukraine. Of course, We fully support his country in this period is not easy. But as we would not want to. there are business relations between the countries in the 2019 year. Someone goes to work in Moscow, and someone has their services on the internet (Freelance).

And so the question arises, how to transfer money from Russia to Ukraine. How to make a money transfer. Today, not all banks in Ukraine are ready to work with translations from the Russian Federation. And the transfer fee will be essential.
Our website pbank24.com It offers a look at the situation from the other side. As an option, you can get money out of Russia at his purse Yandex.

Yandex and VKontakte, mail.ru, classmates blocked in Ukraine! – you say! And you'll absolutely right! In Ukraine, these sites are not available.
But no one stops to use detours.

1. To use Yandex in Ukraine, we need such tools: VPN or any proxy service, such as the Opera browser has a built-in VPN. To turn it on, Open the Opera browser and type in the address bar opera://settings/vpn.
Now we have access to banned sites.

2. Now we can go to Yandex Money. Create a wallet, If you are not registered.

3. Now the most important and interesting! To receive cash in rubles, you need to personalize your account. To do this, go through the identification procedure.

This can be done in two ways:

(a)) Recommended. Proven managers of our website.
With the help of site smartid.live and Ukrainian Site bankID you can go through the entire procedure for 120 UAH!

Come on smartid.live and following the steps follow 4 basic steps to identify the Yandex.Money wallet: check purse in Yandex, verification of personal data in the BankID, payment identification services, confirm identification in your wallet.

We have passed the authentication via internet banking Privat24. spent time – 15 minutes.

be) The second method is more complex and lengthy.

On the site Yandex at this link yandex.ru We need to find the address and contact an agent in their own country. Further, through a courier to deliver documents to the agent.
Detailed instructions are available from the agent. cost of 23$.

4. After successful identification, you can obtain rubles on the purse. Further, they can be transferred to your plastic card Privat Monobank or through the exchange offices obmenka.ua without leaving home!

can be ordered if desired for 300 rubles plastic card Yandex. The card is issued Mastercard – respectively, should work in all civilized countries. Delivery to Ukraine post.