The latest news Dmitry Dubilet (Cofounder в Monobank) won the Ukrainian Internet. bank issued 500 000 credit cards to citizens of Ukraine. This is a very good show for such a short time.

So that? You have not yet decided to open a account monobank?

As long as you think, monobank already created his trademark nameplate. Which will come in handy when renting a car in Europe and beyond )

previously, we here, told how to open the card monobank c smartphone without leaving home.

If this is not enough for you, You can order a new card with your photo and your name on the card.

One-off fee for card issue 150 UAH.
service free.
Manufacturing time to 14 days.
You can order through the app Monobanka

Interestingly! Did you know? What is the best friend monobanka, This Universal bank.