2018 year was no exception… Holidays in Egypt has become more popular for Ukrainian tourists (and Belarus too). So, we will tell a little life hacking, how to use a good 4G internet in Egypt.

It's not a secret to anybody, in bad hotels in Egypt online. If they are, it is only in one place at the reception and very slow. It is better to buy a SIM card from a local Egyptian operator.

How to do it?

First we want to say, that all default monobank cards are open and working abroad. All double conversion disabled, which is very convenient. Optional, it can be enabled. But we do not recommend.

Consider the example of Sharm El-Sheikh.

Before leaving the airport, there are two racks for the sale of new SIM cards: Vodofone и Etisalat.

Pbank24.com recommends that you contact your operator Etisalat. Therefore, that there is no queue and pay only for the terminal using the card monobank (or such cards Privatbank). Cash does not accept.

What you need to be in possession of?

You will need to be in possession of a passport, plastic map monobank, phone.

The procedure takes 5-10 minutes. Paid 10 dollars, You'll get 10 Internet gigabytes. Recommended.

In summer 2018 year translated into hryvnia, with monobank card, without double conversion lifted 241 UAH. – in Egyptian currency is 162 EGP.

All plastic monobank card work abroad! Without further action by the user.