Our digital booklet pbank24.com continues to carry useful information to customers Privatbank. Today we will tell you life hacking, which will save you time when removing the deposit.

As is known, in the offices of Privatbank no large amounts of cash. So, If you come to take your deposit, then on the same day you are unlikely to be given the required amount of money. Manager will order the money, and the next day you will be given the desired amount.

To avoid this, we recommend that you use online banking Privat24 to order currency.
In privat24 there is a special service “order cash“.

Privat24, tab “All services” select “Services”, next “order cash”.


1. Step one. Enter the amount of money.

2. step two. Enter your city and address Privatbank branch. Choose a date.
At the specified date, ordered by the amount of money will be available all day.

3. step three. Come in the office at the designated date and your contact manager.

Save time with Privatbank.