As is known, Privat24 to enter login individuals is their cell phone number. This is done for convenience. After all, the customer receives a number of secret password. That no one can communicate!

But what to do, if such, you lost the number, or simply decide to change operator?
So far Ukraine has not yet valid function, changing mobile operator, without losing numbers, in 2019 year promise to run.

At the moment, to change the login Privat24 can be setup online banking Privat24.

How to do it?

1. Log in to Privat24.

2. Go to the personal settings menu. To do this, click on your picture.

3. Paragraph contact details – Financial change number.

4. To change the need to perform 4 basic steps. For this need:
– active old mobile phone number.
– active mobile phone number.
– Privatbank card.

5. With all these present available, You will easily be able to change your username.

Be careful! Never tell anyone your secret personal data! Even bank employees!