As is known, P2P transfers in Ukraine (transfers from one card to another) It has long existed. Ukrainians simply do not represent life 21 century without the ability to transfer money to a friend, mom or dad on the map. Still would, because it is very convenient and fast! Payments are made in minutes. Interestingly, They say that such transfers are not very well developed in Europe.

Today we will talk and tell, through which banks are convenient to send money to the card and which companies offer instant money transfers in Ukraine without the use of plastic cards.

1. new Mail. The plastic card is not required.

The maximum amount of transfer 149 999 UAH.

Commission – 20 UAH + 2% the amount of transfer.

If the amount is more 15 000 UAH, you should have a VAT number and passport.

– money is credited instantly.
– a large number of offices in Ukraine.

More info at the office. website.

2. Kyivstar. Need a plastic card.

With the help of site Kyivstar you can transfer money from your credit card to someone else.

Amount of Translation – 15 000 UAH.

The maximum amount of money transfers per month – 149 999 UAH.

Commission – 2,5 UAH + 0,5% the amount of transfer.

3. Ukrpochta. two options. With the use of the card and without it.

With the help of site Ukrpochta you can transfer money from your bank card to a friend or relative.

The maximum amount one switches - 25 000 UAH.

The transfer fee – 5 UAH, a plus 1% the amount of payment.

– The service works seven days a week.
– Instantly transfer money. In some cases up to 5 days.

Since Soviet times, in the offices Ukrposhta affordable alternative remittance. All known mail order.

Commission: delivery to 2 000 UAH – 2% of the amount. paying more 2 000 UAH – 8 UAH + 1% of the amount.

– Separation exist in remote villages. Can be sent without the use of a plastic card.

– Long queues in branches with pensioners. Outdated infrastructure in offices.

4. Privatbank. Need a plastic card.

About Privatbank probably know all. Say briefly about commissions.

With one card Privatbank Privatbank – 1% or free.

With the map in the Privatbank card of any bank in Ukraine (P2P) – 0,5% of the amount (minimum 5 UAH).

At the expense of credit funds – a plus 4%

5. Newbie our parade. monobank.

From map monobank on the map monobank – free.

From map monobank in the Ukrainian bank card (P2P) – free.

At the expense of credit funds – a plus 4%

Important! The information is presented for informational purposes only. Fares are subject to change at any time. Current and detailed rates can be found on the official sites.

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