More 10 years ago, it was hard to imagine, that will be the majority of banking services to do from an easy chair sitting at home. In 21 century it is necessary! Advanced banks is becoming more and more every year. Today we tell, in more detail, how new technologies are changing the banking system…

New technologies in the banking sector is already transforming the financial sector, and traditional banking standards will change rapidly over the next five years. security Features, such as enhanced cryptography and biometrics, to help protect against fraud. Remote applications simplify banking transactions, without visiting bank branches. New technologies will change the way of data exchange and money processing. blokcheyn

blokcheyn technology provides a fundamental transformation of banking and financial services. This technology will decentralize the financial management of the central body to a wide network of computers. Financial transactions are divided into encrypted packets or "blocks", which are then added to the "chain" of computer code and encrypted to enhance cybersecurity. As the technology has the potential to improve many aspects of banking and is the basis for other banking technology trends, such as bitkoin - it is a matter of time.

2. upgraded ATMs

ATMs transformed banking technology system, when they were first introduced in 1967 year. The next revolution in ATMs, probably, lead to contactless payments. How Apple Pay and Google Wallet, soon it will be possible to carry out contactless transactions via smartphone.

Some ATM innovations already available abroad. For example, Biometric authentication is already in use in India, and recognition of the iris occurs in ATMs National Bank of Qatar. These technologies can help the overall banking security.
banks hope, that technology will enable them to provide a faster and more transparent access for users.

4. Опыт Apple Store-Style

in the future, the process can be more like a purchase at the Apple Store. Since so many people are now able to download the app convenient for business or easy to find an ATM to handle basic banking transactions. A typical customer in the bank today is looking for help, associated with personal interaction. Banks consider these functions, as a way for customers to interact more directly with the bank, as in Apple store, directing customers to the interaction of certain transactions and redundancy.

5. Employees automated financial services

To 30% banking jobs could disappear over the next five years due to the development of technologies. Many employees have already had to adapt to the use of such technologies, as machine learning and cloud computing, that automate their operations.

6. Mobile and digital banking

Mobile and digital conversion in the banking system has only just begun, and growth is already explosive. Banks have invested heavily in digital banking technology, in which customers use mobile, Web and digital platform for banking services. Solutions Artificial Intelligence, such as chatbot, often assist clients in simple tasks, such as payment.
For example, new Ukrainian bank monobank, now, It operates without physical branches. Progressive and modern population now enjoys new banks.

7. Partnerships

Although banks can invest a lot of money in technology, the fastest way to ensure that financial innovation in the future will include the strategic partnership. Fast-growing companies can become great partners for traditional banks, seeking to improve customer service quality. Generally, consumer behavior and trends in smart devices - is steering the banking technology, advancing for Serviceability. A growing number of remote technologies will allow the customer to interact with the bank directly with the "palm".