Well all, Gentlemen customers monobank. For those who have a plastic card monobank already on hand…. It is time to tell the secrets and fun pieces of monobank.

For those who are not enough to have a comfortable and responsive banking application. monobank prepared some useful tools, you will not find in any other bank of Ukraine!

Useful buns:

1. How to transfer money to the card? without knowing the recipient's card number!?. Zaintrigovali?

Everything is very simple. If you and your friend should monobank application. Bring their smartphones to each other and shake their. On the radar on your phone's screen will appear which will show your friend.

2. With an affiliate program you can earn. how to earn?

All customers of the bank can create your own unique link, which you can send to a friend. If your friend becomes a customer of the bank, You and your friend get on 50 UAH. The restriction on the number of invited friends – no!

3. Cancel payment! If you mistakenly sent money to the wrong person, no problem. You have 10 seconds, to cancel the payment.

4. Cashback – loyalty program, which returns a percentage of money spent, If you want to get on in the terminal stores.
To 20%.

5. Accept payments and remittances is even more convenient. No longer need to report your card number!

On the mobile app, you can create a personal link and send it to, who will be transferred to your money.
Sender, clicking on your link, will only indicate the card data and the amount of payment, as in conventional online payment.

monobank – breakthrough among Ukrainian banks 2017 year!