From school geography lessons we all know, Chernihiv region that borders with Belarus. These regions are not only geographic, but also economically. Ukraine and 2018 year is economic partner for Belarus.

But I consider the war in Ukraine in recent years,, standard of living of the population in Belarus more above. Probably he remained at the same level, And here in Ukraine has fallen significantly. from here, such a contrast.

We can assume, because of the political problems, prices in Ukraine are much lower, than in Belarus. So, in Chernigov and Kiev is possible to meet a large number of vehicles with Belarusian rooms.

Food their families and buy deshego household goods: alcohol, cigarettes, toilets, footwear, carpets, etc..

In Ukraine, there are three ways to change dollars:

– moneychangers. The man who stands in one place and change dollars at a favorable rate. Usually they can be found in public places and most running. Such people are always favorable rate.

– Second method. There are exchange offices. They operate under the license of the National Bank. The course they have almost like mine. profitable.

– The third way. In the conventional bank: Privatbank for example. Offices in every city a lot.

In Chernihiv there are some basic points of currency exchange:

1. In the center, near McDonalds, at the entrance to the market. In the restaurant “Varenychna”. located moneychangers. Their hard not to replace, they are beckoning you right.

2. In SEC “Hollywood”, in the mall. near shopping “Silpo” on the first floor there is a currency exchange office.

3. near market “field”. In contrast pizzeria “Marconi” are money changers, and in shop “Siversky – union” It is an exchange office. wants favorable course and good shopping.