Today we offer our readers a good look at the credit card and monobank Privatbank.

Indeed, to date, the best tool for the earnings of the bank is lending. A key card to credit account, – it is best to 2018 year method of delivery to the client money.

think, every Ukrainian for decades know about credit card Privatbank. Their advantages and disadvantages.

But about a sensational mobile bank in Ukraine monobank, We know quite a lot of not. Dmitry Dubilet child grows quite well in Ukraine. Already issued more 100 th. kart. Speed ​​of design, cashback, and many other cool stuff bribing young successful people. After all, to go to the bank branch for a loan, and stand there in the queue – nonsense in 21 century!

Now more of our managers will conduct a comparison. We would like to note, that we use and credit card Privatbank and monobank.

Interest rate3,6%3,2%
Grace periodTo 55 daysTo 62 days
Cash withdrawal1% - own funds.
4% - loan funds.
Free withdrawals at any ATM.
0,5% - own funds
4% - loan funds.
In another's ATM in a single transaction outputs max. 1000 UAH. Its ATM is considered Universal Bank.
refillFree terminals Privatbank.Free terminals ibox.
The percentage of the remainder7% APR. The bonus account. Strawberries.10% APR.
Keşbek, bonuses.There is a bonus program Strawberries. Large chain stores. discounts up 20%.2-20%. Depending on the product category. Every month percentage changes.
cashback is credited to a separate account, from which we can derive the primary.

Table is presented as a short familiarization. Actual rates and details can be found at these links. Карта Privatbank and map monobank.


Did you know, that PrivatBank was the first bank by deposits in Ukraine!