He walks a lot of rumors on the Internet, monobank that card can not settle in the largest online shop of the World – aliexpress. The editors of our website has been verified and issued its verdict. It is a myth.

monobank card is a full card for online stores Payment. As with any other card, another Bank of Ukraine. she does, not worse, than the card Privatbank, and even better. Considering Cashback.

How to pay for the card monobank on Aliexpress.com site?

When shopping on Aliexpress You will need to specify a card number and a secret three-digit code (CVV2). It is written on the back of your card. Yet it can be found in applications for smartphones.

Attention! Do not give this code to anyone. Enter it needs only to trusted sites.

When making a purchase on Aliexpress. You need to fill card number, card expiry date, and a three-digit CVV2 code.

To confirm the payment to you in the app on your phone will alert, you want to confirm or deny.

Using a credit card. Online shopping.

Error! I can not pay monobank card on the Internet. what to do?

this situation, the solution is simple. In the mobile app monobank need to change the limit for payment on the Internet.
Set the desired amount and repeat the transaction.
This bank protects your money against unauthorized removal.

Did you know? What can top up the card with the same terminals ibox