One of the many cool pieces monobank – it certainly cashback. You seem to be wasting money, but for purchases in physical stores of the city you still return the interest on the map.

For those who are in the tank in 21 century. brief information, What is Cashback from Wikipedia:

Keşbek (from English. cashback or amer. cash back - the return of cash) - term, which is used in the fields of e-commerce, banking and gambling as the designation of the variety of bonus programs to attract customers and increase their loyalty.

How does the cashback in monobank?

In monobank cashback divided into categories: travels, Beauty and Medicine, Entertainment and Sports, cafes and restaurants, Products and supermakerty, cinema, Cars and gas station, Clothing & Shoes, taxi, animals, books, flowers.

first day of, each month, the client is given the opportunity to choose two categories Cash Back. Within a month, when buying goods and services in that category will return a percentage of the purchase amount to the bonus account.

With the bonus account, you can withdraw money to your main account. The minimum withdrawal amount 100 UAH.

We want to draw attention, that Cash Back will be taxed as income and military training.

What size cashback on monobank map?

Percent cashback can reach up to 20%. For example, in January 2018 year, Cashback in Movies made 20%. This was tested by managers of our website.

on products, cafes and restaurants – 2%-4% .

Entertainment and Sports – to 12%.

Clothing and Shoes – to 6%.

For subscribers to our site, we have the gift!
50 UAH on bonus account when you open the card monobank.

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Secret! When paying at the expense of credit funds, monobank sets the greater the percentage of cashback.