Bank PUMB without doubt a good bank. But without an internet banking. But what to do, if there is a map on hand and bank PUMB have to pay utility bills. There is an exit! The aid comes online banking Privat24.

If you are registered in Privat24 and you have a card of any Bank of Ukraine, You can pay for utility payments and taxes online! Privat24 can be used by any citizen of Ukraine!

The first thing to do, is to add a card PUMB Privat24, using this manual. Link.

Next, You can create any payment, as usual. But in the basket before the payment required to choose a plastic card PUMB.
Specify the CVV-code and make payment.

What is the commission for this kind of services? You ask.

And you do it right. The Commission there. Additional commission for payment of utility bills in Privat24 with plastic cards of other bank in Ukraine will be – 2,7% of the amount. plus standard commission.

Privatbank – National Bank!