Hello. It has long been in our digital booklet was update. Summer, heat, you know.

But come autumn 2017 year, and with it, and the growth of the dollar. In this period, who rushes to sell their dollars, and who on the contrary, It opens a deposit. We recommend the second. What is now describe in more detail.

Earlier, we mentioned, how to decorate deposit Privat24, without leaving home.

But how to fund a deposit Privat24, if you are known, with 1 September Privatbank disabled service “Currency exchange” internet banking Privat24. Read more details on the official website.

To put it in a nutshell. Currency exchange Privat24 disabled. Experts are developing a new tool, which will meet the requirements of the National Bank of Ukraine. renewal date unknown.

There is only one solution. If you have a deposit, which is open in Privat24 dollar, and you want to fill up his urgent. You need to take the cash and go to the department.

Better to turn to a free manager. Manager replenish your deposit at the box office queue.

We want to draw attention. The maximum amount of replenishment, can not be more than, than the first contribution on the deposit.
For example: You have opened a deposit on 100 dollars, a month later you want to fill it on 200 dollars. Your system will not allow it to do. Maximum will be replenished on 100 dollars.

But it's not a problem! You, at any time you can open second and third deposit, any amount.

Investments in Privatbank – is a simple way to wealth.