Hello gentlemen,. Nationalization of the bank Privatbank stunned not only Ukrainian citizens, but the entire European Union. If the second is nothing to worry about, the Ukrainian freelancers, accustomed to a reliable internet banking Privat24 realized, it may lose good service.

Only lazy New Year's Eve (2017), not wondering, what happens, if disconnect Privat24? Is there an alternative? Is there a bank in Ukraine, with internet bankigom, which can replace Privat24?

After all Privat24 – It is not just a card account statement online. This is a convenient multifunction system with a variety of services and functions. It does not need to be advertised)

Responding to a question, pbank24.com site conducted a cursory analysis of the Ukrainian banks and concluded, that there is no alternative to Privat24! Yes, in other Ukrainian banks have online banking. For example, the bank FUIB, Alfa Bank, Aval. But they are limited to a small set of functions.

But, What to do, if you want to change banks, but do not want to lose a good internet banking?

There is an exit! And here again, Privatbank one step ahead of all! In Privat24 can add a plastic card of any Ukrainian bank, and use all the services in Privat24. From booking train tickets, to communal payment automatically.

How to connect a card of any Ukrainian bank in Privat24? video Guide:

1. Authorizing Privat24. Menu “My account” -> Item “Cards of other banks”. Add card.

2. Enter your card details secret: name card, number, expiration date and CVV2-code. Attention! No they can not communicate.

3. We confirm the action by using short SMS. During the service has been withheld from us 1 Hryvnia, which will be returned within a month.
In order to display the menu card “Cards of other banks” you must exit and re-enter the Privat24.

4. We can now make payments to another bank cards Privat24.

Privat24 – the best national internet banking in Ukraine.