In the online banking Privat24, You can create a free online card in different currencies to choose from: hryvnia, Dollars, euro. The procedure is not time consuming, less 5 minutes.

Online Card is ideal for online pay online. But it is also suitable for receiving payments. For example, if you open the card in UAH, then it is possible to accept payments, and recharge via terminal, or to transfer money to the card via Privat24.

Card dollar, top up through the terminal does not happen. Only through Privat24, by currency purchases a special service. Under the legislation of Ukraine, calculate and dollars prohibited.

Opening the card can be read in Privat24 here. We had previously been told in our blog

Today we will consider, a refill card online Visa Classic Internet Privatbank?

– Everything is very simple! Knowing your card number, You can refill it yourself in the self-service terminal, over the counter, via Privat24.
Attention! In the card if you have opened in dollarh, the recharge card through the terminal does not happen. The terminals do not accept dollars.
Dollar card can be replenished, via Privat24, by buying currency.

How to withdraw money from the virtual card Privatbank?

– name cards, He speaks for itself. card Visa Classic Internet can not be touched, like any other plastic card.
One of the ways to withdraw money from the card online. This transfer money to your any plastic card Privatbank Privat24. For example on the card For Payments, or Universal.

Discover Visa Classic Internet. Make a first step, to secure payments on the Internet.