Hi, dear readers of our online digital booklet pbank24.com. We hasten to inform, Privatbank, along with that VISA keeps pace with progress. Today we will introduce you to the new plastic card, with which you can pay for purchases by non-contact terminal in supermakete.

Just want to inform and dispel all doubts about the relativity of contactless technology payWawe и payPass. What is the difference?

If simple words to say, the payWawe – a company VISA, а payPass – MasterCard.

Visa payWave, as MasterCard payPass provide a non-contact method of calculation in stores, without entering a PIN-code. It is enough to bring a plastic card to the terminal, instead of inserting it into the terminal.

Both of these technologies are compatible with each other. This means, that the payment of such cards is possible on the same terms, where receivable contactless payments payPass or payWave.


Important to Know! In this way, the purchase can be done in Ukraine to 200 UAH.

How to order a contactless plastic card VISA payWawe?

1. Order plastic card is available to all customers by Privatbank link.

2. Following the link, Enter your phone number and log.

3. In a private office can be ordered online plastic card VISA or MasterCard. Also, upload your photos and specify additional options for your future cards. The card is equipped with a chip, magnetic stripe, Your photos and contactless payment technology.

4. At the end of the procedure you need to repay the cost of the card – 100 UAH.

5. After successful payment, your card will take on the near to you of Privatbank department. Delivery terms, you can track here, in a private office.

In which stores can I pay for purchases?
All popular in Ukraine supermarkets (METRO, Silpo, ATB) equipped with new terminals and accept contactless payments.

buns, cookies and other bonuses by Privatbank:

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But what won our Editor pbank24.com site you will learn in the next article (photo report).

I feel the freedom with Privatbank )))