As is known, Privat customers can withdraw funds in any ATMs in Ukraine without additional commissions, or even free of charge!

But force majeure situations are always. One such, is when someone else's ATM without good reason and off picks up the card. What to do? how to be, if you are on holiday (resort)? where to run? after all the money you need to urgently remove the.

Home calmly assess the situation and not to panic. In most cases, your money are still in security.

so, if you finally convinced, ATM does not intend to return (spit out) card on your hands. Our digital booklet can advise the following solutions:

1. Go home and take a Ukraine passport.

2. Contact the nearest branch of Privatbank. For any manager, in the hall for work with clients.

3. Lovely girl – employee Privatbank, help for half an hour to solve the problem.

4. If you had Universal card (gold), not the name or names. You will be given a place on the new card Privatbank and attach the old account. You can activate it immediately and withdraw money from an old card.

Interestingly! Privatbank – the first bank in Ukraine, which refused the paper. Privatbank – “зеленый” bank