Your attention, another innovation from favorite Bank PrivatBank. In the offices of PrivatBank all over Ukraine earned automated postamates. In which you can independently pick up the parcel or envelope.

Ordering goods in the Internet, the parcel will be delivered closer to Your home. To a nearby branch of Privat Bank near Your home. A large network of PrivatBank confirmation.

Main advantages:

– No longer need to stand in long queues, as at Ukrposhta.

– A large number of branches throughout Ukraine.

– PrivatBank cooperates with the famous Internet shopping and postal services. For example with these companies: New post, In time, Meest Express, Rozetka, Repka, AVON, Oriflame, MAKEUP, Stylus and other.

– Quick self-service. Faster, than to withdraw cash from the ATM.


How to pick up a parcel in office of PrivatBank?

1. Order the product online. When paying use Internet card.
2. When ordering in the store, select delivery method "Pochtomat Privat".
3. Come to the Office, which is located near to Your house.
4. Log in to the self-service terminal. Using a mobile phone or a plastic card Privat.
5. To pay for the purchase.
6. The box with Your parcel will open automatically.
7. Take the package and close the box.

Video instructions:

Interestingly! This year, menejeri our site made a purchase in the online store Aliexpress. Parcel from China was delivered to the office of PrivatBank, through the postal service Meest Express.
On Aliexpress was selected standard free shipping.