Each student of the university IT probably already heard, about a large increase in the price of Bitcoin. About underground farm in the universities of Ukraine, that day and night mining (maynyat) cherished Bitcoin.

about the Chinese, who already build entire factories, with powerful computational computers for the extraction of precious Bitcoin.
Bitcoin – is like gold mining, only virtual. But, types of virtual “gold” have a variety.

The most famous world cryptocurrency:
– Bitcoin (BTC)
– Ethereum (ETH)
– Litecoin (LTC)
– Currency (DVDRip)
– Dogecoin (DOGE)
– Dash (DASH)

2017 year – He became a boom cryptocurrency. price growth is observed in all cryptocurrency. Skeptics call it a regular pyramid (MMM), opposite each, willing to invest in cryptocurrency.

How can you not be tempted? After all, only 2017 year the price of Bitcoin has risen from 400 dollars to 4000.

As for Ukraine… Ukraine so far behind the entire planet. The Bitcoin Ukraine outlawed. In Ukraine, Bitcoin can not be used as means of payment as a physical, and legal persons. National Bank of Ukraine recommends to use only those payment systems and settlement systems, are listed in the appropriate register.

It means, officially Bitcoin not buy Pryvabanke. But you can try to trade online, money (hryvnia) from Privat24 on Bitcoin. There are a variety of automatic exchangers (intermediaries).

A specific site for the exchange and purchase Bitcoin, we will not recommend. But we can recommend the service Bestchange which monitors exchangers.

The site can be found Bestchange favorable exchange rate, reviews and currency reserves of the desired exchanger.

But we want to warn you. be careful. Of deception on the part of currency exchange points on the Internet No one is immune!better course, this is a personal meeting for the exchange of Bitcoin.

probably the only, it can be argued, Bitcoin course that is changing very rapidly.