As it became known, from the message of the press service of Privatbank 25 June 2015 year. Today, by Privatbank bought every third e-ticket on the train. And with the beginning of the year, Ukrainians bought by Privatbank 910 th. electronic railway tickets.

Therefore, Ukrainians choose Privatbank. Экономя свое время и нервные клетки 🙂

Key benefits of buying train tickets through Privatbank:

– The lack of queues. You no longer need to go to the station and buy a ticket. This can be done sitting at home on the computer.
– The price of the ticket on the train, the same, as in the station ticket offices.
– With the electronic ticket (with the QR-code), you can safely go to the platform. They should not be exchanged at the box office for ordinary tickets.
– Security.

Where can I buy a digital train ticket?

– In the offices of Privatbank.
– Through self-service terminals.
– Through a special website (Recommended. Very convenient. )
– Internet banking Privat24.
– By calling 3700 mobile. Service Hour.

In addition to train tickets in Ukraine, Privatbank possible buy a plane ticket to Ukraine and abroad.


How to buy tickets through Privat24?

1. Go Privat24, select the menu “Tickets”.
2. Select the tab railway tickets.
3. Specify the place of departure and arrival. The desired departure date.
4. The system Privatbank, offer all options, according to your search criteria. Choosing the most appropriate train. Click to buy.
5. In the next window, select “Class wagon” and “place in the train”. Click Next.
6. Enter the personal information: name, surname.
7. Choose “card” which we want to pay for your purchase. We confirm payment.
8. After successful payment, e-ticket with QR-code to be printed.

All tickets purchased by the client can be viewed through “Archive”:
Way: Menu “Tickets” -> “Travel / Travel” -> “Railway tickets” -> “Archive”.

Be sure to print an electronic ticket purchased with the QR-code. For successful planting bring a document, your identity.

Travel to Ukraine with Privatbank!