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Как купить eSIM Lifecell в Monobank. Преимущества

How to buy eSIM Lifecell at Monobank. Advantages

Not long ago there was an opportunity, directly in the application from Monobank order and receive a built-in SIM-card in your device. The main thing is that your modern smartphone supports this function.. Mainly smartphones of the premium segment, well-known manufacturers already support eSIM (Samsung, Google, iPhone с 11 versions). To receive an eSIM, just go to the Monobank application ....
Как выгодно отправить денежный перевод из-за границы в Украину. Канада, Польша, США

How profitable to send a money transfer from abroad to Ukraine. Canada, Poland, USA

Many Ukrainians are already working abroad in Europe or have long settled in their new homeland. And the question arises, how to send dollars or euros to relatives in Ukraine or receive them on your Privatbank bank card without visiting a branch. For example, from Poland to Ukraine or from the Czech Republic, Of Germany. There are already many on the market..
Плюсы спокойного отношения к кредитам: не стремитесь отдать долги побыстрее

Pros of a calm attitude to loans: do not strive to pay off debts quickly

For many, loans and debts are a pressing uncomfortable problem, which you want to get rid of faster. In fact, there is no need to rush and rush.. Putting yourself in an uncomfortable position with your own negative attitudes towards loans, you create a lot of stress for yourself, which is extremely difficult to cope with. It makes sense to take care of,...
В первые в Украине: металлическая карта от IRON BANK (monobank) для VIP персон из Украины (видео)

In the first in Ukraine: metal card from IRON BANK (monobank) for VIP guests from Ukraine (video)

News from the founders and creators of MONObank not cease to amaze. This time is really cool solutions for wealthy citizens of Ukraine. At the beginning 2019 year ("January and February") Monobank plans to release metal VIP-card Iron Bank, c miles in airports. Probably counting on entrepreneurs, who make weekly business flights. The first railway map with NFC will have ...
Хочу карту monobank! Как открыть и получить?

I want monobank map! How to open and get?

Hello! So the day came, when there was no Privatbank sets new technological trends. On the Ukrainian market an entirely new bank – MONObank. Without physical offices in the city! Yes, Yes, We were not wrong. MONObank positioning itself, as the first Ukrainian internet bank without branches. It is truly mobile banking. What...

25 facts about the US dollar

1. According to the US Mint, Life expectancy of a 100 dollar bill is nine years. Small denomination banknotes (1, 5 and 10 dollars), usually, last less due to more frequent use. 2. Replacing a dollar bill with an equivalent denomination will save your budget 4,4 billion dollars for 30 years. 3. If you flip a penny 100 once, the eagle will be ...

Why guilt gets in the way of being financially successful

Many people live with pathological guilt since childhood., which is almost permanently present in their lives. At the same time, it cannot be said unequivocally, what if a person feels guilty, then he definitely will not have money. Yes, negative emotions darken life, and it's worth working on them, strive for harmony, fullness of feelings and sensations. But people ...