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The psychology of money

Почему чувство вины мешает быть финансово успешным

Why guilt gets in the way of being financially successful

Many people live with pathological guilt since childhood., which is almost permanently present in their lives. At the same time, it cannot be said unequivocally, what if a person feels guilty, then he definitely will not have money. Yes, negative emotions darken life, and it's worth working on them, strive for harmony, fullness of feelings and sensations. But people ...
Как деньги помогают достичь внутренней гармонии (цитаты)

How money helps to achieve inner harmony (quotes)

Money appears and brings pleasure in that case, if you let them flow. *** Money will bring pleasure, if you allow yourself to acquire those things, which you like. *** Money will surely bring fear and anxiety., if you try to hold them. *** Money is a byproduct of the mind. Until, while thoughts appear, a person always ...