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Currency Exchange

Где и как обменять старые доллары в Украине без комиссии

Where and how to exchange old dollars in Ukraine without commission

Lifehack. If you have cash dollars or euros, but they are in perfect condition.. For example, there are small stamps on banknotes, the inscription is written with a ballpoint pen or banknotes have simply worn out over the years. Another case, you came from a holiday from abroad and you have small money left, 5,10,20,50 dollars in cash. Такие купюры отделения банка зачастую неохотно обмениваю....
25 фактов о долларе США

25 facts about the US dollar

1. According to the US Mint, Life expectancy of a 100 dollar bill is nine years. Small denomination banknotes (1, 5 and 10 dollars), usually, last less due to more frequent use. 2. Replacing a dollar bill with an equivalent denomination will save your budget 4,4 billion dollars for 30 years. 3. If you flip a penny 100 once, the eagle will be ...