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Почему банк может отказать в выдаче кредита? Или как открыть кредитку. Читать до конца!

Why the bank may refuse to issue a loan? Or how to open a credit card. Read to the end!

When trying to get a loan, a person may face rejection, although there are no obvious reasons for this at first glance. The loan application usually contains the clause, according to which the bank has the right not to name the reason, for which it does not issue a loan or approves it for a lower amount after the borrower's assessment. Let's look at a few common reasons for refusal to issue..
Страх потерять свою идеальность как причина неспособности заработать деньги (решение)

Fear of losing one's ideality as the reason for the inability to make money (solution)

Often people are afraid to fall face down in the dirt., therefore they do not take the necessary steps in their life, who would help them earn money and improve their material well-being. What does it mean? A person has in his imagination some kind of image of himself good and seeks to imitate him. Over the course of life, this image acquires some new colors.. It serves a person ...