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Дурят ли нас в магазинах перед Новым годом?

Are we being fooled in stores before the New Year?

The race for gifts begins in November, products and other goods. Shops are full of bright sales signs, and we are already getting wallets. Need to be in time, and then suddenly not enough. Is it so profitable for us or are competent marketers fooling us again?? Big discounts. We see just huge discounts on storefronts., deciding to buy this or that ...
Как я удачно инвестировал в гараж - моя история

How I successfully invested in a garage – my story

My path to freedom began with, that, on the advice of the great financiers, I put in the piggy bank every month 10 percent of wages. A year later, the amount accumulated in the bank account, which is a pity to lose. Another crisis loomed on the horizon, which provoked eternal questions: "What to do? Where to invest?». There was not enough money for an apartment, room due to weak liquidity, and credit ...