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Пополнить счет (голоса) vkontakte через Приват 24

Add funds (vote) vkontakte via Privat 24

In the social network “Vkontakte” there is an internal currency, called “vote”. Anyone, that is registered in a social network – VK.com, can spend their vote on virtual gifts to friends or to pay them in applications (for example, buy bonuses in games). Pavel Durov social network is very convenient, It provides many ways to recharge: via mobile phone, Terminals, international card ...
Подключить карточку украинского банка к Paypal.com

Ukrainian bank card to connect to Paypal.com

In contrast to Russia, where from September 2013 the residents were able to enjoy the most popular online payment system Paypal in full volume (shop, withdraw money on a plastic card, make transactions in national currency between accounts Paypal), that can not be said about the people of Ukraine. Currently Ukrainians provided limited opportunities, namely, only to make ...